Welcome To Fatherhood

For My Daughters, Lessons From Dad, & Tumultuous Ex Part II (ft. Rudolph Joseph)

October 13, 2021 Rudolph Joseph Season 2 Episode 40
Welcome To Fatherhood
For My Daughters, Lessons From Dad, & Tumultuous Ex Part II (ft. Rudolph Joseph)
Show Notes

This episode features  PART TWO of a conversation with my guest & lifelong friend, Rudolph Joseph.

In Rudolph's own words he is a "father first, son, brother, uncle, and a man after Gods own heart. Born and raise in Miami, FL. You can say Florida grown and Dade county fundamentals. Strong passion for bringing out the best in others! Love to read, write (poetry) and spending time with my daughters as they are my purpose! 38 years come October 19… I truly believe God never gives you more then you can bear, so why complain (who’s really listening)? For me it’s simple, once you begin, the rest is easy… you must always put forth an effort! The end result of that will be a betterment for you now and for your future! My mother is my biggest inspiration!"

He opens up about the tumultuous nature of the relationship between he and his ex-wife and how that plays into his ability to be involved in his children's lives. Rudolph reflects on the significance of the time he spent caring for his ill father prior to his passing, and how the instructions his father had planted in him came to full fruition once his second child was born. He also reflects on the value of therapy and the taboo nature surrounding encouraging men and fathers to seek support through therapy. Finally, Rudolph paints a vivid and disturbing portrait of his experience fighting for his paternal rights in family court in Tennessee.

As always, thank you for spending part of your Wednesday with us!

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