Welcome To Fatherhood

Fitness Journey, Breakthrough, & Being Your Best Self (ft. Matt Wilbur)

September 01, 2021 Matt Wilbur Season 2 Episode 35
Welcome To Fatherhood
Fitness Journey, Breakthrough, & Being Your Best Self (ft. Matt Wilbur)
Show Notes

This episode features a conversation with my guest & co-founder of The Fitness Rebellion, an online fitness and wellness program, Matt Wilbur.

In Matt’s own words:

“Growing up I was a skinny, goofy kid who got beat up & bullied, and that initially sparked my interest in lifting weights. I soon became obsessed with strength training and bodybuilding, pouring over information for hours on end, and methodically tracking my progress.

This eventually led me to start competing in bodybuilding in 2012 shortly after I had begun dating my wife, Megan. I've since competed in over 9 shows & earned several placings making me a national qualified athlete.

I gave up competing in 2018 to go all in on coaching others to achieve success with their health & fitness than my own personal fitness wins.

My focus now is on being a great husband to my wife Megan, father to my 1.5 year old Layla, and leader to my clients and community.”

In this episode, Matt plays the role of host as he invites me to open up about the ups and downs of my fitness journey. I’ve made some incredible discoveries and breakthroughs along this journey, and I hope my story can serve as inspiration to other dads who may be struggling with whatever journey they’re on, not just fitness.

As always, thank you for spending part of your Wednesday with us!

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