Welcome To Fatherhood

My Dad and Step-Dads, & Advocacy in Family Court (ft. Deanine Osborne)

March 02, 2022 Deanine Osborne Season 3 Episode 9
Welcome To Fatherhood
My Dad and Step-Dads, & Advocacy in Family Court (ft. Deanine Osborne)
Show Notes

This episode features a conversation with my guest and colleague, Deanine Osborne.

Deanine is a new generation Social Worker who turned her resentment for her biological father into a passion for father involvement. She has no problem sharing that’s she’s a product of a single parent household featuring a step daddy or two!

While completing her undergraduate degree, she worked with victims of domestic violence, allowing the opportunity to uplift women when they felt their lowest. She later went on to obtain her Masters degree before stepping foot into the world of Philadelphia family court, specifically adoptions. Over the years she’s found herself in countless situations where fathers were mishandled simple because they were fathers, all of which played a role in why she considers herself a “dad advocate.”

In this conversation, Deanine opens up about her early and recent history with her father, discovering its influence on her advocacy for fathers in her career as a Social Worker. She also describes the way two other prominent father-figures in her life helped shape her character and guided her through her early years, even encouraging her to address her relationship with her father. We also speak broadly of her short years working as a Social Worker in a family court system and how she perceived the court's treatment of fathers. Finally, I invite Deanine to share words from her heart to her dad and step-dads.

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